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You surely know those installations at warehouses where you can leave kids to play pressing buttons, open locks, play with velcro or solve simple puzzles by sliding wood toys on rails. What if there would be things like that but for grown-ups? I think it would look like this game: buttons on steroids :)


Story behind this little experiment would be about a mechanic starting different machinery with weird controllers. Each of them is a unique puzzle/mini game itself.  After each succeeded level you would witness phases of little animation as a robot/space rocket/engine awakens. The prototype shows only a few types of buttons and switches, but a final game would have lots of them and each machine (world?) would have its own unique setting (button holder, background, effects, etc.).


The actual state let's you challenge yourself in 17 levels. It ranges from pressing a simple button to tricky ones, where you really have to think of what the logic behind is.

Try this little prototype and leave a comment! What do you think about? Is it fun or a failed idea?

Rushing Pixel

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Published 76 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Android
AuthorRushing Pixel
Tagsclicker, puzzle


turniton_proto6_android.zip 31 MB
turniton_proto6_windows.zip 20 MB

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Thank you, Laci!

Comment on then newest version: the specular / glow is a bit too obnoxious, I had to rotate the panels to get some more color saturation :)

Surely, I've pulled that slider over, but won't leave it this way. Thank you for following the updates and hope to see you at PixelCon!

Ooooh. Shiny and new! Just gets better and betterererer....

Hope, you will like the upcoming changes too :)

I'm sure I will, am looking forward to it!

Got a little further on my second go, looking forward to more content!

Hint for the last level: Guitar Hero :)

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

Feels a bit clunkier than the last version I tried; I think the buttons should activate when you press the mouse button, not when you release them; this is pretty prominent on the level where you have to press them quick succession. There's also a considerable latency between clicking the mouse and the actual button press happening.

You are right and I plan to revamp the input. Thank you for the feedback!

Hello! Enjoyed this alot so far, its great fun

Thank you! According to the responses I got so far, it seems worth a second round. Hope, you will check back!