Weekly progress report | 18/11/17

This week I've pimped "Turn It On!" according to the C&C I got at #PixelCon (the easiest only, showstoppers or things that needed a full redesign, were skipped for a later time - but not forgotten!). Hopefully, the levels got a bit more comprehensible now. Another goal was to implement circle gesture input. It will be needed for the second setting, but knobs of the first setting utilize this feature right now. And yes, it is working! Last week there were builds available only for the visitors of #PixelCon. If you missed the convention, it's your first chance to witness the cutscenes on your own. Grab it now!


turniton_proto5_android.zip 30 MB
26 days ago
turniton_proto5_windows.zip 18 MB
26 days ago

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