Weekly progress report | 28/10/17

Another busy week is over. It was mostly about creating assets and level ideas for the second setting. Those are in progress, I want to start them move this weekend.

Meanwhile, I have fixed a serious multitouch bug, that caused vibrating switches. Now you can grab the screen anywhere and still push buttons with another finger, as intended.

The lever got a fancy slow-down move, now you can toss it.

As it has more sense, the timer counts milliseconds instead of seconds and stops right when you finish the level. This data will be used later for high scores and bonus stars.

Back button got a bigger sensitivity area so I can press it even on my crappy tablet.

I have uploaded latest builds. Have fun!

I have started preparing for PixelCon, the annual gamer/cosplayer symposium in Budapest/Hungary. I'm really excited!


turniton_proto4_android.zip 29 MB
25 days ago
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25 days ago

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